Are you ready for some Squadplay?

Welcome to Squadplay! The community for people who are looking for teamplay.

No clan, no commitments but just play and having fun together!



What is Squadplay?

Do you know that feeling? After yet another tragic game of Battlefield, Squad, Fornite or PUBG in which nobody in your team coöperates, nobody follows orders and losing again, you want a real team. But you are not just looking for an ordinary team, you are looking for people you can rely on. People that stand by your side and play for victory and nothing else. In short, you are looking for a squad. Well look no further. Squadplay is an community for people who are looking for teamplay. We are not a clan so there are no commitments but having fun together.

Having Fun

Playing games with us is all about having fun. We are not a clan, so no required trials, trainings or matches. Consider us as a place to meet new people to play with.


Squadplay was created for people who are willing to play as a Squad. So squadplay it is! That means coöperation, dedication and respect in game and on our Discord server.


We like to play seriously and mature. For that reason Squadplay members are at least 21 years old.

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